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Anne Edwards

As the proud owner of 13 year old, 17.1hh WB Bailey, who regularly competes in dressage, show jumping competitions and one day events, I noticed a reluctance to work and change in his attitude which was totally out of place and pointed to a pain related problem he was encountering.  I asked Gemma to take a look at him and she found him to be sore on one side of his neck which had been causing him to lean and be stiff on the opposite rein.  He was also sore along his back.  The situation was resolved in one session and I was given suggestions for exercises to do with Bailey to help him in the future.  I am pleased to say that since his treatment Bailey has gone on to win and get placed in numerous dressage competitions and one day events proving that he is no longer in pain and is enjoying his work again.  Gemma has an excellent reassuring manner around horses and explains in simple terms what she is doing to the horse as she works which is really helpful to the owner.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gemma and will use her if Bailey needs further treatment in the future.

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