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Louise Barbour

I own an 11 year old TB gelding who raced as a 3 year old, and evented to BE Novice as a 5/6 year old. He then had several years off due to various soundness issues before eventing again as a 9/10 year old. He struggled with his feet towards the end of last season and this had the knock on effect of making him very sore and tight throughout his body needing considerable time off. Gemma took a lot of time at this stage to advise and help me decide how to progress with him, and following a few weeks intensive physio at a residential rehab centre, Gemma took on his treatment. She has always listened carefully to all the history I can provide, and the observations I make when riding/managing him, and this alongside her patient and professional manner has always made me feel that she takes a very holistic approach to treatment, and takes all factors into account. Gemma has always been very flexible in terms of making appointments at short notice, or at times to fit around my work and other commitments. Following a  programme of physio, and ensuring he is only ever ridden on good surfaces, Edward is now looking and moving better that he has done for a number of years and is achieving good results at Novice BD. He will hopefully move up to Elementary by the end of the year!

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