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Sharon Quigley

I bought my horse William just over 2 years ago – he is 12 years old, IDxTB, 16hh.  He had had quite a nasty accident before I purchased him – he had managed to get his right leg caught between a gate and a gate post and was trapped for 20 minutes.  He finally managed to free himself by lifting the gate off its hinges however as a result he went over backwards landing on his right side.  The superficial injuries had healed by the time I took him home however he had done a fair bit of damage to the muscles on his right side – starting from his poll right through to his hamstrings. The damage has been described to me as being the equivalent of a human in a fairly high speed car crash.
Gemma has spent a great deal of time not only using Physiotherapy to bring William right but also detailed training programmes to ensure the muscles heal correctly and then build the muscles correctly – she has also used Pulse Magnetic Therapy and Phototherapy.  William only eats his hay from the floor now to aid with the problems he has on the right side of his neck. 
We have had regular 6 weekly/2 monthly appointments over the last 18 months and the change in him has been amazing – his movements now are worlds apart from how he moved 2 years ago – we have also seen a huge improvement in his behaviour when he is working, now he is no longer in discomfort.
We had a Physiotherapy session recently and the verdict was that William was feeling the best he ever had – the muscles in the right side of his neck felt good for the first time.  This does not mean that we will not hit problems in the future however to avoid this we will continue with our regular checkups so that we can deal with any changes early on before they become problems.
I cannot recommend Gemma highly enough – she has done an amazing job on William and in addition to this her approach with the horses is brilliant - quiet, calm and trusting.  What an amazing transformation I have seen!

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